Transmedia-Welten. Zehn Thesen. In: Organisierte Phantasie. Medienwelten im 21. Jh – 30 Positionen: Ein Panorama

Jochen Hörisch, Uwe Kammann (Hg.)

Anytime, anywhere, on any device, and this globally in almost real time: modern communication technologies override the old media boundaries and restrictions. And thus also the traditional relationships between media producers and media users. A new network of self- and world-assurance is emerging – with an unimaginable number of nodes.

This volume offers orientation in a new situation characterized by rapid acceleration. Instead of seeking a linear understanding, it chooses a variety of multi-perspective approaches. It brings together minds and connoisseurs of media events who describe, analyse, classify and comment on the most individually diverse segments and aspects of the modern media worlds – from ethics to role functions and creative spaces to the remeasurement of enlightenment horizons. Media theory, media practice, media criticism result in an open structure of models, options and visions – a kaleidoscope that is productive and makes productive. With contributions by Alexander Kluge, Klaus Staeck, Norbert Bolz, Peter Weibel, Gundolf Freyermuth, Friedrich Krotz, Bettina Reitz, Barbara Sichtermann, Johanna Haberer, Norbert Schneider, Mike Sandbothe and Peter Sloterdijk.

Wilhelm Fink | Grimme Institut
302 pages
ISBN 978-3-7705-5699-1
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